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and accessories for public transport.


Safety NEWS!

Assessment of the SINGLE application according to SIL-2 by TüV Süd

– SINGLE (single unit) to SIL-2
– DUAL (two devices) to SAS-3 according to Sirf-2

asisVS-100 19 inch

asis VS-100

Housing type “slide in 19 inch”

The system is suitable for use in all public transport vehicles. asis VS-100 is the new data recording and control system for the recording of important driving data and the control of processes that increase operational safety.

asis VS-100 stand alone

asis VS-100

“standalone” housing version

The usual extensive functionality like the standard device with the housing type 19 inch slide-in unit, but in the compact standalone version.

asis GPS

asis GPS

Receiver module for position and time determination via GPS

The GPS receiver module provides data in the NMEA 0183 protocol via the RS-485/422 or CANopen interfaces.



The evaluation software for an efficient presentation of the relevant data is easy to use, allows the creation of event reports and the export of the desired data for further use.

asis DDO

asis DDO

Data transmission with WLAN

Storing, checking the device status and evaluation at a central location enables an efficient overview and processing of the entire vehicle fleet even during operation. The periodic reading of the devices is ensured automatically by the server or is carried out manually at the desired time.

asis TOOL

asis TOOL

The tool for easy creation of customer-specific vehicle functions. Create almost any combination of input and output signals as a function of time and distance with just a few lines. Suitable for safety applications.



With the right accessories for the best interaction of components in the vehicle system. SYNICS RAIL offers comprehensive services from planning to commissioning.

Data recording

Data security through multiple recording, data extraction with commercially available SDHC card or remote transmission to a customer-specific server environment…

Train control

Customer-specific functions such as vigilance, dead man, roll-back protection, wheel flange lubrication, deceleration monitoring, fulfils safety requirements…


Measurement, recording and display of the physical variables time and distance, derivation of speed and display on odometer and display instruments…


Transmission of device status and data via WLAN to server specified by customer, no need to remove memory card, centralized monitoring of vehicle fleet…


safety functions up to SIL3, proof of customer-specific functions thanks to strict formal implementation, existing generic approval and manufacturer support…

Data analysis

Display relevant data with asisCHARTS and asisWEBCHARTS, easy to use, create event reports, export table data…

Data analysis

Multiple recording

The storage of the trip data takes place in several stages. This multiple storage guarantees that if the SDHC memory card is missing or manipulated, the most recent driving data can always be reproduced.

SDHC Standard format

As an SDHC card, a commercially available product with increased technical requirements for use in industrial environments is used. This makes the memory inexpensive and highly available.

High event resolution

Digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs, velocities, distance and time, position, IBIS, states, event zones, free text, acceleration, parameters, counters.data recording is event-controlled

The fixed modification criteria guarantee an optimal registration quality of the data with regard to the maximum resolution and recording distance (>1Mio. km) .

Mark important moments

With Event zones important events are marked while driving and can be found quickly from the large amount of data.

Remote transmission

Instead of SDHC card removal, device status and data can be transferred via WLAN to customer-defined servers, enabling centralized monitoring of the vehicle fleet.


Robust body

The inputs/outputs are oversized. Signals exceeding a multiple of the operating level cannot harm the asis VS-100. The outputs are protected against excessive currents.
The temperature range T3 according to EN50155 ensures operation under all real ambient conditions.

Flexible integration into the vehicle

The concept of adaptation to customer-specific requirements is best solved with the asisAL interpreter. With just a few lines, all input states can be linked and corresponding output states can be set. The range of languages is specially designed for the functions used in vehicles. Almost any function can be implemented with just a few lines.

For safe applications

The asisAL interpreter is based on a command set that simplifies the implementation of safe functions. The clear structure, the language-specific exclusion of error classes, and the short program allow an efficient safety verification during vehicle acceptance.

Train control


For various pulse generator types

  • Adjustable encoder power supply from the device
  • AC/DC Input
  • Settable thresholds
  • Adjustable Coupling Impedance
  • Two channels
  • Function control (Safety)

For various speedometers

  • Voltage and current control
  • Outputs adjustable
  • Simulation for output test
  • different versions

Vehicle fleet at a glance

The transmission of the device status and data of the entire vehicle fleet via WLAN ensures monitoring from a central location.

The removal of the memory card on site can be dispensed with if data are to be used for the generation of processes, or in the case of minor events a central evaluation is permitted by the authorities.


The client determines the location of the physical data and server application.

The transmission protocol and safety is determined by the vehicle router.


SYNICS RAIL offers services for planning and installation and accompanies the customer during the operating phase.



 V-model of the safety principle

Safety level

The asisVS-100 system provides the following integrity levels for safety requirements:

  • SIL-2 with asis VS-100 SINGLE single unit
  • SIL-3 (SAS-3 according toSIRF-2)) with asis VS-100 DUAL double unit

The safety requirement and the integrity level are specified by the customer and implemented in a customer-specific sequence and the corresponding hardware wiring.

Flexible anyway

The asisAL interpreter is based on a command set that simplifies the implementation of safety functions. The clear structure, the language-specific exclusion of error classes, and the short program allow an efficient safety verification during vehicle acceptance.


SYNICS RAIL offers services for planning, implementation and verification and supports the customer from the requirements specification to commissioning.







asisCHARTS is clearly arranged and nevertheless provides all important evaluation functions:

  • Graphical and tabular presentation
  • Measuring functions
  • any channel positioning
  • Free assignment of names and colors
  • time and travel axis
  • Multiple window
  • Export function
  • etc.

Graphic Templates

With graphic templates, the read-in data are displayed directly on the screen as they were created for the corresponding vehicle type.

Event report

With the measurement function, time, speed, acceleration and signal heights can be marked directly in the graphic and saved as a report.

Data analysis