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asisVS-100 19 inch

asisVS-100 19 inch connectors in front

asisVS-100 sa






asis VS-100

Housing versions

  • Part rack for 19 inch subrack
  • Connector outlet to front or rear
  • housing version standalone for small space conditions and retrofit

Captive journey data

  • Double internal device storage on MRAM and Flash
  • Removable Disk SDHC Card
  • 15 selectable event zones

Local Operation

  • Navigation with Wheel
  • Display of all input and output states on the display
  • Stimulation of the outputs for test and commissioning
  • Multilingual menu navigation
  • Password protection

Driving data extraction

  • Local with SDHC card
  • Remote transmission with application asisDDO via WLAN
  • Mini USB 2.0

Vehicle control

  • Free programming with asisAL
  • All input and output signals included
  • Designed for safe operation (SIL-2, SIL-3 (SAS-3 according to SIRF-2)

Data sheets

  asisVS-100 Rack Version asisVS-100 standalone


  • Robust construction
  • Positioning
  • Time synchronisation
  • Altitude above sea level
  • Speed With satellite information protocol
  • NMEA 0183
  • CANopen
  • sdxCAN (direct connection to asis VS-100)
  • RS 485

Data sheet


asis GPS

asis DDO

Centralized data via WLAN

  • No data extraction from the vehicle required
  • Transmission of device status and data
  • Application asisDDO on customer specified server
  • Centralized monitoring of the vehicle fleet

Requirements in the vehicle

  • asisVS-100 LAN Version
  • DHCP
  • Accessible on UDP port 8000

Network requirements

  • WLAN IP in the same subnet as asisDDO
  • NAT port forwarding 8000 to asisVS-100
  • Network security guaranteed

Central server requirements

  • JAVA GUI for Windows and LINUX
  • asisDDO licenses available
  • Data memory available at operating system level (SMB, NFS, local, etc.)


  • Planning and installation
  • Remote monitoring (VNC (via SSH), Teamviewer, SSH, etc.)
  • Creation and extension of config files

Analysis of driving data

  • Graphic
  • Table
  • Textmessenger for Reports
  • Export function
  • Measuring functions
  • Multigrafikfähig (Multiple windows)
  • any channel positioning
  • signal name assignment
  • Colour assignment and line thickness
  • Fonts
  • time and travel axis
  • Cursor coupling across several windows (graphic and table)
  • Graphically marked zones
  • Presentation of CANopen text messages
  • Display of the train number
  • Valid header data (parameters and application program) for each data point.

asis charts

asis tool

Programming and parameters

  • Setting of all device parameters
  • Editor for programming the customer-specific functions
  • Compiler
  • Import and export to SDHC card for storage in asisVS-100
  • Display of the program size
  • File comparison



  • Axis encoder
  • stepper motor displays
  • NEW: Cable set for asisVS-100 assembled to the railway standard


Data sheet


Digital tachogenerator


  • Project planning
  • Project support
  • Commissioning
  • Documentations for verifications
  • Training courses
  • event evaluations for authorities
  • Remote access support


asis services